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Our Vission :-

Excellence through efficient and effective public service.

Message from District Secretary

Mr.H.T.Kamal Padmasiri

aThere are several communication methods practiced in the government offices mail, hard delivery letters, fax, e-mail, telephone conversations are some of the important methods we used for day to day communication. Proper handling of these communication methods are very important for the modern business environment. People expect the replyor any other response for their dealing in the
quickest time. But lapses in responding is seen due to many reasons. Therefore our intention was to use modern technology for the efficient communication handling system. I do hope our endevour will immensly be benifitted for both officers and public.

Development Projects

Kalutara moves on to Sri Lanka's one of Best Town

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Our Mission :-

our mission is to make sustainable development
in the District, creating efficient administrative
system through effective resource management
according to the government policies.

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